What is your standard sheet size?

With very few exceptions, TMS stocks all material in coil form, and, therefore, we don’t have a standard sheet size. Our minimum for most items is 2 square feet, we stock most stainless steel items in 24” wide, and can shear and level to almost any size.

Can this ship via UPS or FedEx?  What about XYZ trucking company?

Only if the box size is less than 72” long, but it may still be less expensive to ship your order via truck. Our wood boxes for long sheets are typically 3.5” longer than the sheet in both directions.

TMS ships most packages via UPS and can do FedEx Express (3 day transit or better) per request, but we are unable to ship via FedEx Ground service. TMS is happy to use all trucking companies that service our area – we just may ask for your assistance in contacting them to schedule the pick-up.

If you elect to have us prepay the freight charge and add it to your invoice, you’ll only be charged the quoted price – we do not markup freight charges.

Do you accept credit card payments?

YES! We use an online processor that accepts all major cards and some minor ones (what’s Diner’s Club?)  The processor emails the receipt directly to an email address you provide us, and we also provide a hard-copy receipt and invoice with the shipment.

It is company policy not to accept credit card payment for Net 30 accounts if the invoice is over 30 days old.  This policy is in line with the Terms and Conditions of the processors that specifically restrict collecting payment “on delinquent” accounts, but also because since we do not charge a credit card “convenience” fee (also against the rules), it would effectively be a 3% discount on Net 30 payment.