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Need Combined Metals for Your Facility? Do Your Research

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Whether you work in aerospace parts, chemical etching, or stamping, the quality of your combined metals has an enormous impact on the overall quality of your work and your output. In turn, the reputation of your facility also hinges on the durability of your parts. When you find yourself asking questions such as “what are […]

copper brass

Why Are Copper and Brass Materials Used in the Medical Industry?

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From transport to the medical industry, metals are useful and reliable. Statistics from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that the metal fabrication sector will grow by 9% between 2016 and 2026. This is a clear indication that copper, brass and other combined metals are in huge demand. One of the most prominent […]

How to Choose the Right Machining Company for the Aerospace Industry

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Almost every sector in the economy uses fabricated metals. The rise in demand for these products has led to the growth of the fabrication industry. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that this growth will add over 12,000 jobs over the next decade. While the industry is expected to grow, selecting the right metal […]

thin steel sheets

Aerospace Materials: A Historical Breakdown

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From aluminum to thin steel sheets to combined metals, the aerospace industry has seen a lot of changes in manufacturing materials. This article will give you a brief historical breakdown of the different materials used in the aerospace manufacturing industry. Aerospace Manufacturing: Early Years vs. Today In earlier years, aluminum was the primary metal used […]

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5 Types of Sheet Metal Finishes

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Many types of metal are pliable and insulate great. These features make different types of metal extremely useful. But in addition to brass and copper, what is the most versatile of the primary metals? It would have to be the metal made from thin aluminum strips—sheet metal. Here is a look at the thin metal […]

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A Short Beginner’s Guide to the Benefits of Metal Fabrication

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Metal fabrication pays a big role in the economy. Consider that there were almost 138,900 sheet metal workers in the U.S. in 2016 alone. The metal fabrication industry not only provides jobs to thousands of people but also plays a big role in day to day activities. How? Let’s take a quick look. But first, […]

thin metal strips

Thin Metal Strips: Five Uses for Sheet Metal

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Most of us are familiar with sheet metal. This is metal that has been cut into thin metal strips. It is quite a versatile material because it is a great insulator and very pliable. Here are five industries that make good use of thin metal strips of the versatile material, sheet metal. 1. Transportation Sheet […]

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4 Great Benefits of Using Recycled Steel

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Recycled Steel Combined metals of Chicago deals with all sorts of metal including brass, copper, stainless steel, thin aluminum strips, and so much more. These metals are important for aerospace engineering and other manufactured metal parts across various industries. Today we wanted to discuss the benefits of going with recycled steel. In fact, nearly 70% […]

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Why Manufacturers Should Make the Switch to Recycled Metal

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There are some great benefits to utilizing recycled metal, and right now 40% of steel production in the world is doing just that. However, that number could become greater if more manufacturers decided to make the switch from new to recycled materials. This would have a great impact on things like resources, energy use, and […]