5 Characteristics that Make Copper Sheet Metal Prime for Industrial Production

copper sheet metal for sale

When selecting the type of sheet metal that suits your purpose best, you have to consider the characteristics of the metal carefully. Sheet metal is one of the most important materials, and its application spreads across many industries such as aviation, manufacturing, mining, construction, farming, and shipping. The growth of the sheet metal market is expanding globally, and the growth is expected to continue rising at an average rate of 4.09% from 2018 to 2022.

Sheet metal is made from aluminum, copper and brass, stainless steel, titanium, nickel, and tin. Copper sheet metal is one of the most common types of metal used in electrical appliances, construction, and most domestic appliances. Before you go looking for copper sheet metal for sale, consider the following characteristics of copper that will guide you on its usage.

1. High Electrical Conductivity

For electrical manufacturers, what they need more than copper is high-quality copper. As such, copper sheet metal is usually in high demand among manufacturers of electrical equipment such as microchips, electromagnets, heat sinks, welding electrodes, and circuit boards. The manufacturers of these electrical products are the highest consumers of copper sheet metal for sale. The thermal conductivity of copper makes it one of the most useful materials in the manufacture of all high-end electronics.

2. Easily Recycled and Reused

Copper sheet metal is easily recycled without losing most of its quality. It is estimated that more than 40% of the new metal produced is recycled. For combined metals, copper is the highest percentage of material used. The fact that most of the copper used is recycled and reused makes copper sheet metal for sale more affordable as compared to the other types of metal.

3. High Resistance to Corrosion

Copper has the lowest reactivity rate. It does not react with water and acids, and copper oxide slows down its reaction with oxygen. The only other metals that have a slower reactivity rate than copper are precious metals. However, precious metals are too expensive to be utilized for industrial production. Gas and fuel companies, alongside electrical companies, are big buyers of copper sheet metal for sale. As copper does not react with water and acid, it makes copper sheet metal the go-to material for manufacturing conduit pipes, sewerage, and water pipes.

4. Copper is More Flexible

Copper sheet metal bends and stretches easily, making it suitable for industrial production. Therefore, copper sheet metal is used to manufacture equipment in all sizes and shapes. Additionally, because it is soft and malleable, it is easy to roll it into many different designs. This makes it applicable for decorative purposes besides its main industrial use.

5. Copper Impedes Growth of Bacteria

Since copper is biostatic, bacteria will not grow and multiply on it. As such, you will not see mold growing on copper metal sheets and on equipment made from copper. This quality makes copper sheet metal a useful material in the manufacture of marine hardware.

Copper sheet metal is one of the most useful material on the globe. From the fridge in your room to the computers in your workplace, copper sheet metal is utilized in their production. The demand for copper is high around the globe, and it helps that most of the used copper can be recycled and repurposed. Before buying copper sheet metal, you have to be clear of its use so that you utilize it optimally. It would be best if you also bought copper sheet metal from a trusted metal dealer or supplier so that you get the best quality.

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