5 Types of Sheet Metal Finishes

Many types of metal are pliable and insulate great. These features make different types of metal extremely useful. But in addition to brass and copper, what is the most versatile of the primary metals? It would have to be the metal made from thin aluminum strips—sheet metal. Here is a look at the thin metal strips of stainless steel sheet metal, a few of the different finishes used on it, and some of the products — or applications — that are made from the different sheet metal varieties.brass and copper

  1. Applications of Number One Finish: When stainless steel is heated and then rolled, this creates number one finish. Next step of the process is a heat treatment to make sure that the thin metal strips of stainless steel look uniform and meets all requirements. This type of stainless steel typically has an inconsistent appearance. It is used in items such as furnace linings conveyors, oven liners, kiln liners, and parts for oil burners.
  2. Applications of Number 2B Finish: Again, stainless steel is rolled, but this time it is cold. This cold rolling process produces a shinier and more reflective finish compared to the completed rolls. This type of stainless steel is used for wheel covers, flatware, laundry, and dry cleaning fixtures, bakeware, and plumbing fixtures, to name a few.
  3. Applications of Number 2D Finish: The Number 2D finish goes on sheet metal rolls that have been thinned down by cold rolling. The final step in the process is pickling. The applications for this type of stainless steel include furnace parts, rail car parts, roofing, and chemical equipment.
  4. Applications of Number 3 Finish: Stainless steel sheet metal with a Number 3 finish sets itself apart because it has a pattern pressed into a surface that gives it a look of scratching and abrasion. Additionally, it is fairly bright, offering a modest reflection. The roughness of the Number 3 finish is great for use in kitchen equipment, brewery equipment, and items used in food processing.
  5. Applications of Number 4 Finish: Picking up where the Number 3 finish left off, the patterning of the Number 4 finish takes it to an even higher level — much brighter and more reflective. For applications with a Number 4 finish, think of luggage carousels, escalator trim, doors on elevators, and hospital surfaces and equipment.

It’s also interesting to note that brass and copper, as well as stainless steel, can be used in various applications. Just imagine a kitchen that is finished with stainless steel; then imagine one that is finished with brass and copper. The two kitchens would have completely different personalities. Working with copper and brass, and even stainless steel sheet-metal can produce a wonderful variety of looks.

And there is an added benefit: metal is recyclable! Right now all around the world, about 40% of all the steel that is produced is created from recycled metal. This is a win for aesthetics and the environment!

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