Everything You Need to Know About 302 Stainless Metal Grades

302 stainlessThe thin metal strips industry has significantly grown in the last five years. It is attracting huge attention from building and contractors who are looking for alternative construction materials. Brass and copper have specifically experienced significant growth in the last few years owing to their lightweight property. The same can be said for thin aluminum strips.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics highlights that the metal fabrication industry is expected to grow by approximately 9% between 2016 and 2026. This is a clear indication that the metal sector is continuously growing. Combining the use of metal in the automotive sector and the real estate will bring a new dimension in the sector that was in decline several years ago.

Thin Metal Grades (302 Stainless)

Before using metals for construction purposes, it is important to understand that there are different types of metal grades. Some of the most common metal grades to consider include 302 stainless, 17-7 stainless, and 304 stainless. However, this article discusses the properties of 302 stainless and why metal experts should consider this metal grade for construction purposes.

Extremely Tough

302 stainless is an example of combined metals that are used to perform specific construction activities in the industry. Besides the combination of several metals, other properties make this grade one of the best in the industry. Elements such as carbon, titanium, and iron produce one of the toughest alloys that can be used in any construction work. The toughness of this metal grade explains why it is used in the manufacture of some of the most sensitive parts in the aeronautical industry.

Ductility Property

In the construction industry, many pieces of construction materials are required to achieve a specific objective. However, 302 stainless is solving the entire problem by bringing its ductility property in the industry. Unlike other construction materials that cannot be stretched without becoming brittle or demonstrating significant weaknesses, 302 stainless can be stretched to the point of forming a thin wire without breaking. It is one of the few metal grades that can be pulled and stretched to meet the needs of the constructor.

Corrosion Resistant

Most of the metals out there in the industry corrode when exposed to various elements in the atmosphere. This is a weakness because such metals cannot be used in the construction industry. They will weaken with time and any structure constructed using such metals will ultimately collapse. However, just like stainless steel, 302 stainless is corrosion resistant. Therefore, it cannot corrode when exposed to various elements in the atmosphere. This property makes it one of the best metals in the aeronautical sector.

Fabrication and Formability

Fabrication and formability are important properties in metals. Both properties are essential in the construction industry, where raw materials are converted into finished products that can be used in construction activities. 302 stainless is one of the few thin metal sheets that demonstrate both fabrication and formability properties. These properties make it one of the most reliable metal grades in the construction sector. The fact that it can be curved into various shapes and angles without breaking is a welcome bonus.

Rust Resistant

Rust is a major issue when it comes to construction metals. It makes them weak and unsuitable for sensitive structures, especially those used in medical and aeronautical industries. 302 stainless steel is an alloy of nickel and iron, which means that all the properties of iron, including rust, have been watered down. Just like 6061 aluminum, 302 stainless does not rust, which makes it one of the most suitable metal grades in the construction industry.

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