The Main Advantages of 6061 Aluminum

The 6061 aluminum alloy is a popular choice among many metalworkers and manufacturers. It is advantageous because it can resist corrosion, which is its most notable attribute. Aluminum as a whole is not extremely strong. However, this particular one is more resistant to corrosion and places less stress on parts. The 6061 aluminum alloy has a steel-like texture, but it’s easy to work with and can be polished to achieve different colors.

What Is 6061 Aluminum?

Let’s define what the 6061 aluminum alloy is. This metal is composed primarily of three different elements: magnesium, silicon, and aluminum. The percentage varies depending on what use it will have. For example, parts for aircraft often contain about 1% magnesium and copper, while ball bearings contain more silicon than other varieties.

The remaining elements vary due to their alloy type, which refers to combining alloys made from two or more metals to create a specific characteristic. This makes them ideal for desired purposes, such as creating long-lasting parts with maximum strength and resistance to corrosion. It’s also worth noting that because aluminum itself has a low melting point, it’s often alloyed with other metals to increase its strength.

Here are some of the most notable benefits of using 6061 aluminum.

High Resistance to Corrosion

The combination of silicon and magnesium makes it more resistant than most others in its family of aluminum alloys. Because of this, you can use it inside or outside without having to worry about significant rust forming on your equipment – even if weather conditions aren’t ideal. In fact, it is one of the best materials available for water cooling and underwater welding. If your product is frequently exposed to moisture, humidity, or saltwater, 6061 aluminum is an excellent choice because it won’t corrode any quicker than other types of aluminum.


This is partly owed to the addition of silicon to the mix, which increases its ability to resist corrosion and increases strength. Additionally, it has excellent cold work properties, which means that it can be bent and molded without cracking or breaking. For example, if you need a certain curve in your product, 6061 aluminum is ideal because you can bend it into shape easily instead of cutting panels out then weld them together with high-strength joints. In fact, this type of metal is often used for bridges and buildings because they want something that will hold up over time while remaining cost-effective for consumers.

Marine Applications

Because of its corrosion resistance, this alloy is a popular choice for boat building and other marine applications. If your boat or ship will be exposed to salt water, the 6061 aluminum alloy makes an excellent material to use because it won’t rust as quickly as you would expect; some people have even used it in their underwater cars. It’s also worth noting that it can withstand marine environments with ease while remaining strong enough to handle the stress placed on it.

Most Affordable Variety of Aluminum

Because 6061 aluminum is used so often, and the machines that make pieces out of them are incredibly efficient, this alloy is very cost-effective when compared to other materials.

Additionally, some people and industries prefer 24-4 alloy or 5086 instead; these two have higher tensile strengths but are less resistant to corrosion than 6061 aluminum. It’s important to research what industry you’ll be working in before choosing which alloy is best for you. Regardless of whether you are looking for thin aluminum strips, combined metals, or stainless steel at Thin Metal Sales, Inc., we have you covered.

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