What Are Tin Metal Strips Used for?

According to Global News Wire, sheet metal accounts for about $30 billion in United States revenue. This is probably because it has so many uses. For instance, this material is a great insulator and is also highly pliable. This makes it perfect for applications in transport, architecture, and a variety of other industries. Here are five uses of tin metal strips.

Transportation Industry Uses

Sheet metal has a lot of uses in the transportation industry. Primarily, these metal strips are used to manufacture the bodies of vehicles. They are also used to make railroad cars and airplanes. Did you know that some airplane wings are made using tin metal strips? This material is very light, and as mentioned before, it’s quite pliable. This enables it to fit into many applications in the transportation industry.


Tin metal strips are also used in roofing. In fact, they are fantastic roofing materials. They are also very practical as a roofing option. Rain and flashing gutters are also made using sheet metal. Additionally, you will find that conductor pipes that direct water from buildings use the same material. These metal strips add a rich aesthetic appeal to designs. They are also highly efficient and functional. As mentioned before, tin is an excellent insulator.


Silver, platinum, and gold jewelry usually contain metal strips. In some instances, these strips are made using a combination of metals. These are commonly known as alloys. Tin alloys often go by different names. This includes Pewter, Britannia, and Levalloy. These three contain between 60% and 92% tin. You’ll also find smaller amounts of antimony, copper, and cadmium. The aim is to generally increase the hardness of metals and their strength as well. This is why combined metals that contain tin are perfect for jewelry; they preserve the luster of the pieces and strengthen the jewelry.

Did you know that tin metal strips can be combined to create sheets of metal that are an excellent fire retardant? Because of its insulating capabilities, sheet metal is highly fire resistant. It can also be utilized as an insulator in furnaces and ductwork for HVACs. Are you wondering whether tin metal strips would be perfect for your application? Get in touch with us today.

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