What Metals Are Recyclable?

Recycling is becoming more and more popular for its many benefits. When it comes to metal, many people might not know which metals can be recycled and which can’t. According to Blackstone, less than half, or about 40%, of new steel products worldwide are made with recycled metal. This number is expected to increase as people and businesses become more aware of the benefits of recycling. If you’re wondering what metals are recyclable, then read on to get a good understanding.

Brass and Copper

Brass and copper can be recycled over and over again into new products, such as brass pots and pans, copper pipes, and brass doorknobs. They can become new products without losing their quality. When brass and copper are recycled, they are first melted down and then formed into new products. This process uses less energy than if the brass and copper were mined from the ground.

Recycled brass and copper can be used in a wide variety of industries across the United States. Brass can be used by aerospace parts manufacturers to make products such as fuselages, engine nacelles, and aircraft skins. Chemical etching companies can use copper to make products such as etched plates, nameplates, and signs.

Aluminum, Steel, and Lead

Aluminum, steel, and lead are some other metals that can be recycled into new products without losing their quality. Recycling these metals conserves natural resources and energy, and it reduces pollution. Just like recycled brass and copper, recycled aluminum, steel, and lead are also used in a variety of industries. Stamping parts manufacturers use recycled steel to make products such as automotive parts, appliances, and furniture. Medical device companies use recycled lead to make products such as X-ray shielding, medical tubing, and radiation shielding.

Now that you know which metals are recyclable, order them in bulk for your customers to use and to recycle overtime. If you need any kind of metal to keep your company’s production going, then take a look at our selections of brass, copper, and other metals. Call us at Thin Metal Sales today to get started with your order.

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