Why Manufacturers Should Make the Switch to Recycled Metal

copper and brass

There are some great benefits to utilizing recycled metal, and right now 40% of steel production in the world is doing just that. However, that number could become greater if more manufacturers decided to make the switch from new to recycled materials. This would have a great impact on things like resources, energy use, and even production costs. Stainless steel, as well as copper and brass, can all be reused while maintaining a viable level of durability.

Quality and Affordability

Reclaimed metals such as brass and copper maintain a large percentage of their original durability and value when they are redistributed. This means that you are still receiving quality materials, but usually at a more affordable price. The price difference isn’t always drastic, but it does make a difference when you are buying large amounts of thin sheet metal or thin aluminum strips. You don’t have to sacrifice the durability or life of your materials to cut back a little on costs.

Energy Efficiency

Mining new metals for manufacturing purposes uses up a considerable amount of energy. The more efficient choice is to use recycled metals because this can use upwards of 60% less energy. This also helps to cut back on greenhouse gas emissions and gives already mined materials a second life. Up to 90% of energy can be saved by recycling copper alone.

Resource Conservation

Metals are a finite resource. However, materials such as copper and brass have infinite recyclable lives. This means that resources that are likely to eventually run out can be turned into infinite resources through the use of recycling. With the metal fabrication industry only continuing to grow, this an important factor to consider. If materials are continuously used more and more but aren’t replaced, the world will eventually run short of its resources. This will cause costs to rise and raise competition between manufacturing facilities.

With the ability to infinitely recycle already mined metals, it is possible for companies all over the world to utilize these benefits. Consumers can also bring forth these changes by switching from plastic to metal and recycling items such as aluminum cans. This allows for these materials to be reused in manufacturing processes and will eventually create a sustainable cycle.

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