Why Water Pipes Are Commonly Made From Copper

Why Water Pipes Are Commonly Made From Copper

When you understand which materials to choose over others, you can easily build safe, secure water pipes. For instance, you may know that copper is common in water pipes, but do you know why? Check out the explanation below to see why water pipes are commonly made from copper. That way, you can start carefully designing pipe systems instead of doing any guesswork during the planning phase.

Corrosion Resistance

Moisture can promote the corrosion of certain metals, which can cause problems in various industries. It should go without saying that a corroded pipe isn’t exactly something you want in your water supply. Luckily, copper is naturally corrosion-resistant. The presence of iron in metals will trigger corrosion, but copper does not contain iron. Instead of corroding, copper forms a patina on the surface that helps it combat corrosion and remain intact.

Lead-Free Construction

When installing water pipes, think about the potentially toxic materials leaching into the water. For example, preventing lead from entering the water supply is critical to a safe drinking water system. One of the primary reasons why water pipes are commonly made from copper is that they contain no lead. Thanks to a lack of corrosion and lead, copper pipes are an ideal solution for carrying water, but these aren’t the only benefits.

Ductile Design

As a copper sheet supplier, Thin Metal Sales provides manufacturers with copper for many reasons, one of which is ductility. Thanks to them being so ductile, you have more flexibility when working with copper. You can easily build copper pipes into a system that efficiently carries water to its destination by having them undergo extreme deformation.

As you can see, copper is a versatile material that can make your project easier and safer than other materials available. The more you know about copper, the better you can use it to your advantage when the opportunity to manufacture metal piping arises.

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