Applications For Thin Aluminum Strips in the Automotive Industry

Aluminum plays a crucial role in the automotive industry. In fact, around $30 billion in revenue in the United States is generated from sheet metal alone. This metal along with other combined metals has a variety of applications for many components. Here are the main industrial applications for thin aluminum strips in the automotive industry.


Aluminum thin sheet metal has barrier and heat reflective properties that are beneficial for the automotive industry. It’s corrosion-resistant and can be used in electrical cables to insulate against moisture. Aluminum can also act as an insulator against radio frequency and magnetic emissions with electrical cables. When used as a sheath for fiber optic cables, the thin aluminum strips use its electrical conductivity for integrity testing of cable links. It can also act as a firewall for vehicle doors to stop oxygen that can fan flames.

Heat Exchangers

Aluminum has gradually replaced copper and brass for the use of heat exchangers. This metal is lighter in weight, which can help reduce emissions from a car’s radiator and lowers fuel demands. A car with aluminum components can save 15% in fuel costs than one made from steel components. Standard air conditioning equipment also uses thin metal strips of aluminum for the finning in the heat exchanger. Being able to keep a car’s cooling systems running efficiently ensures the vehicle’s longevity, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

Additional Automotive Applications

Aluminum is also used in various other automotive components such as catalytic converters and impact energy absorption structures. It is often used in the electric vehicle market because its light weight provides an increased driving range. Almost every part of an automobile can benefit from the properties that aluminum provides. Aluminum gives vehicles better handling, braking, and acceleration capabilities. It also allows manufacturers to mold the vehicle in any shape they choose for maximum performance

The potential use for thin aluminum strips in the automotive industry is endless. New uses are being discovered every day to help make cars safer and more efficient. To find out more on how aluminum can be used in the automotive industry, contact Thin Metal Sales today!

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