3 Uses of Custom Sheet Metal in the Aerospace Industry

3 Uses of Custom Sheet Metal in the Aerospace Industry

Aerospace is an industry that involves many big machines, such as aircraft and spacecraft. However, one of the most important design elements used in the industry appears quite small when you see it—sheet metal. So how does this material fit into such massive designs? Read these common uses of custom sheet metal in the aerospace industry to see how it can help your business today.

Versatile Material Options

One use for sheet metal in the titular industry is to weave high-quality materials into the vehicle design. Common fabrication materials include aluminum, brass, and stainless steel, thanks to their quality performance in various fields. Sheet metal is the perfect way to introduce these materials into your vehicle because it’s an easy and effective fabrication material. Now, let’s assess the more specific reasons you would want to use such materials for professional aerospace work.

Durability for the Elements

From plates to frames, sheet metal is utilized in various aspects of flying vehicles, inside and out. As a sheet metal supplier, we can provide aerospace components such as shims, springs, washers, gaskets, and more. These parts may not seem so important when you consider the size of aircraft and spacecraft, but they are.

Sheet metal’s presence on the exterior of the vehicle is helpful for fighting the elements. For example, brass is corrosion resistant, ensuring corrosive elements won’t wear away the vehicle parts too quickly.

Lightweight Protection

Another common use of custom sheet metal in the aerospace industry is building parts with an ideal strength-to-weight ratio. As mentioned above, aluminum is a common material used to create parts for the aerospace industry. One of the key benefits of using aluminum for building machines is that it is a lightweight material.

However, despite its minimal weight, aluminum remains very durable. Thus, you can easily build parts with minimal weight but optimal protection using aluminum. Thanks to the applications above, sheet metal remains a beneficial part of the aerospace industry and other industries.

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