Thin Metal Strips: Five Uses for Sheet Metal

thin metal stripsMost of us are familiar with sheet metal. This is metal that has been cut into thin metal strips. It is quite a versatile material because it is a great insulator and very pliable. Here are five industries that make good use of thin metal strips of the versatile material, sheet metal.

1. Transportation

Sheet metal is used in the transportation industry in many ways. Primarily, it is used to manufacture car bodies. It is also used to manufacture railroad cars, and airplanes, including metal wings.

2. Architecture

Thin metal strips of sheet metal are fantastic roofing materials. An entire metal roof can be the focal architectural point of a building design. There is a practical aspect to sheet metal as a roofing material, as well. Flashing and rain gutters are often made of sheet metal, as are conductor pipes that serve to direct water away from a building. Combined metals of copper and brass, for example, also add rich aesthetic appeal to a design as well as being efficient and functional. For example, the Chrysler building in New York City is covered in stainless steel sheet metal!

3. Jewelry

Silver, gold, and platinum jewelry often contain thin metal strips, sometimes of combined metals. But what are combined metals? Combined metals are actually an alloy, which is a substance created when metals are combined with other materials that are non-metallic. The result is usually an increase in the hardness and strength of the metal. That is why combined metals are great for jewelry, because using them strengthens the jewelry and preserves the luster of the pieces.

4. Fire Prevention

Thin metal strips which are combined to create pieces of sheet metal are excellent fire retardant materials. Sheet metal is extremely fire resistant. It can be used as an insulator in furnaces and in ductwork. In addition, when used as a wall covering, the sheets can be designed and patterned to resemble brickwork, which increases its aesthetic appeal.

5. Medical Equipment

The strength, durability, and lightweight creations that result from precise sheet metal fabrication make it fantastic for use in the medical field. MRI equipment, operating tables, ultrasound machines, nuclear medicine cabinets, and more are all made from custom sheet metal fabrication. The result is equipment that is reliable and yields results of the highest quality.

There are many more examples of how sheet metal is used in manufacturing and industry, but these five give a good idea of the breadth and scope of the productivity and versatility that sheet metal offers. And because of these factors, it has a huge impact on the economy, too. Currently, $30 billion of revenue is created by the sheet metal industry. With statistics like these, it’s apparent that the sheet metal industry is a very strong and important aspect of American manufacturing and production.

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