Thin Sheet Metal: What Is it and What Is it Used For?

thin sheet metalThin sheet metal is one of the most commonly used materials throughout construction. In fact, it’s used across so many different industries it’s likely the most widely-produced construction material in the world. And there’s a reason for that. Let’s take a look at a few different industries that use thin sheet metal and why it’s so popular.

What Industries Use Sheet Metal Most Often?

As we said before, there are many different industries that make use of sheet metal, Whether it’s stainless steel, thin aluminum strips, or copper brass, here are a few industries that make frequent use of this material.

  • Automotive – The automotive industry uses sheet metal to make the bodies of cars. The bodies of trailers, RVs, and other vehicles also make use of this material during fabrication.
  • Aerospace – Planes wouldn’t get very far without sheet metal. In fact, most of a plane is covered in protective sheet metal. This is particularly important for parts like the wings and fuselages.
  • Construction – Sheet metal is incredibly important in the construction industry. From ducts to roof flashing and gutters, this is an essential building material for homes and commercial buildings alike.
  • Equestrian – Though this particular use of sheet metal is strictly decorative, it’s still interesting! The equestrian industry typically uses sheet metal to create decorative breastplates and other tack items for horses.

Why Use Sheet Metal?

Sheet metal comes with a whole host of benefits. The first of which is how easy it is to transport this material. Sheet metal is lightweight and can be conveniently stacked. That means shipping is no problem, even in large quantities.

Sheet metal is also very weather resistant as a result of the chemical solution it’s treated with post-fabrication. This chemical solution helps prevent corrosion and even helps with UV resistance. This also means sheet metal is extremely durable. In fact, many homeowners choose metal roofing as a direct result of its durability.

The most commonly purchased metals include aluminum sheets and stainless steel. In sheet form, these metals have a whole host of good uses.

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