When Do You Need to Use 6061 Aluminum?

Sheet metal can come in different forms, and aluminum has a few different grades that it can come in. If you need sheet metal for your job, which you might, as in 2016 the United States had 138,900 sheet metal workers, then you should know what grade you need. Here is an explanation about 6061 aluminum, and what it can do for you.

This is one of the most versatile and flexible aluminum alloys on the market. It has a high level of workability and is resistant to corrosion over time. Due to this, it can be used in places that receive a lot of wear and tear. It also contains a very high percentage of aluminum, making it purer compared to other options. It has a tensile strength of 45,000 PSI, a yield point of 40,000 PSI, and a Brinell Hardness rating of 95.

Due to the durability of 6061 aluminum, it is used for flooring, ramps, and stairs in residential and commercial buildings. This thin sheet metal is also used in aircraft fittings, the frames of vehicles, hydraulic pistons, and some other structural components. Because it can be shaped well with a high degree of strength, this is a very commonly used grade of aluminum and could be right for your job.

There are other thin aluminum strips like 1100 aluminum and 3003 aluminum. These and 6061 are the three basic types of aluminum alloys that can come as thin metal strips. 3003 uses manganese to increase its strength and is generally used for things like pot lids and cooking utensils. It is not great at handling high heat. The 1100 aluminum alloy is the purest form available at 99%. Because it has such a high thermal conduciveness, it is great for any job that would require thermal conductivity.

Talk to your partners and team today about the best type of aluminum for your products and services. You should take into account the longevity you desire in your products, the heat required in the work you do, and the strength needed by your customers. Share this information to educate your team about aluminum strengths and grades, and do more research before making a decision. Call a metal sales company today to ask more questions about what they can provide for you.

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